How It Works

Step 1

Students in the classroom are put into teams to choose a charity that they wish to represent. Throughout the process they learn how the charity impacts the community locally and nationally. During the students vetting process, they look into where the charity spends its funds. How much is spent locally vs nationally and how much goes to the cause vs administration. Then they do a brief presentation to their class which is followed by a vote and the top six teams move on.

Step 2

Each of the six groups that moved on gets ready for a second presentation. The presentations are ten minutes long and go more in depth on what the charity does. The groups also bring in someone to share how the charity has made an impact on their life. This gives everyone a true representation of the impact the charity has on individuals locally. Once each group presents, the whole class votes again and the top three groups move on.

Step 3

The final three groups make a 15-minute presentation. For that presentation the charity and the kids must present together. Once the three presentations are given, the students vote one last time.
1ST PLACE gets $5,000 for their charity.
2ND PLACE gets $1,000 for their charity.
3RD PLACE GETS $500 for their charity.